Modigliani Family’s Youngest Artist Releases NFT Art: Mod1


The youngest member of the famous Italian art family, the Modigliani’s has released his very own NFT art. This is being done through a collection titled Mod1. This collection brings the artistic genius of Amedeo Modigliani back to life. The artist is simply going by ‘Young Modí’. His eclectic style enhances his family’s cultural heritage through innovative ways of expression.

A preview of the Mod1 by Amedeo Modigliani’s descendant.

The Mod1 Collection

The Mod1 NFT collection was created by “the youngest member of the Modigliani family”. He goes by the name Young Modí. He has built a team to pursue the goal to change the attitude and approach of users of the NFT world.

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Growing up in an art-focused family which started from his ancestor’s fame and riches that came from art, he built a passion for the art space from a young age. Now, as an adult, he has grown a love for innovative technologies and feels that canvas and physical installations aren’t enough, so is launching his journey into the world of digital art through the Mod1 NFT art collection.

The Mod1 collection could be described as a contemporary art meets 10,000-piece profile pic collection. It has been inspired by three art pieces from Young Modí’s descendant, Amedeo Modigliani. To clarify, the three were: Portrait of Lunia Czechowska (1919), Tête (1911), and an unnamed one.

About Amedeo Modigliani and his Family

At this point, it is unconfirmed what the relationship is between Young Modí, the creator of Mod1, and the late, great Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, but it is undoubted that the family has a rich history of art, starting with Amedeo.

Young Modí and his team of digital artists, also a tech lead, a community manager and a brand manager hope to build on the legacy that Amedeo left behind.

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani was an Italian painter and sculptor who worked mainly in France. He is known for portraits and images featuring nudity. They were done in a modern style characterized by a surreal elongation of faces, necks, and figures. Interestingly, they were not received well during his lifetime but later became much sought-after. At first, Modigliani spent his youth in Italy, where he studied the art of antiquity and the Renaissance. In 1906, he moved to Paris, where he came into contact with artists such as Pablo Picasso. All in all, by 1912, Modigliani was exhibiting highly stylized sculptures with Cubists of the Section d’Or group at the Salon d’Automne.

Modigliani died in 1920, aged 35 from tubercular meningitis in Paris, France.


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