Jimmy McNelis Mutant Apes join The Glimmering as villains


When Mutant Apes meet Dungeon and Dragons. GRIPNR, a technology company bringing tabletop roleplaying games TTRPGs to the blockchain, announced this Wednesday a partnership with the famous Jimmy McNelis, a.k.a. j1mmy.eth. The NFT collector will bring several of his own Mutant Apes as villains in the game The Glimmering.

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What is The Glimmering Mutant Ape Derivative Collection?

The Glimmering is a tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) incorporating blockchain technology and NFTs into the gaming experience.

In traditional TTRPGs, players interact with the game’s world and story through a game master, like the kids in the TV show Stranger Things. In GRIPNR’s TTRPG on the blockchain, the game’s rules and other game elements are stored on a decentralized, tamper-proof blockchain. This guarantees transparency and security for players.

And to celebrate their new partnership with Jimmy McNelis Mutant Apes, GRIPNR will release the Glimmering Mutant Ape derivative collection.

Lead Artist Justin “Angryblue” Kamerer will work with the Mutant Apes characters to make it fit into the fantastical world of Asuwa, where the characters of The Glimmering evolve. The Glimmering’s genesis collection NFTs will grant owners the possibility to be the first to mint The Glimmering’s Mutant Apes. This new collection should be released during the spring of this year.

Phase 2 of The Glimmering Genesis Hero collection will mint on March 30 on Polygon. Players will then be able to play the game.

One of the characters of TableTop RPG The Glimmering.

Who is Jimmy McNelis?

Jimmy McNelis created Avastars on the Ethereum blockchain 2020. A project he carried with the NFT brand-building platform NFT42 he founded, backed by the billionaire Mark Cuban. He is now the CEO of Nameless, a company that sells a cloud-based private environment that enables teams to create their web3 test networks.

The entrepreneur is also a ferocious collector, one of the most famous collectors in the NFT Space. He owns not only Mutant Apes but also CryptoPunks and Meebits. The collector made some high-profile NFT trades. Such as when he sold his Bored Ape Yacht Club #7090 for 800ETH  (over $1.3m USD.)

Mutant Ape #23478 was minted by J1mmy one year ago and will join The Glimmering game.

Moreover, in November 2022, he purchased seven Apes for a combined 538.98 ETH in two different transactions. He also acquired Bored Ape Yacht Club No. 5718 for 350 ETH (about $559,000 at the time).

Jimmy McNelis has also been on the spotlight last year when four of his Bored Apes formed a rock band, Kingship.

In fact, by bringing its Mutant Apes to the world of tabletop blockchain gaming, “j1mmy.eth” helps create a link between traditional gaming and the Web3 community. Therefore, onboarding Mutant Apes is a way to connect more deeply with the NFT ecosystem, says Jimmy McNelis. “I can’t wait to see how the Mutant Apes will be transformed into cunning antagonists in the world of The Glimmering. “.

“Some of the best characters of all time are the villains like Darth Vader and Tony Soprano, and we have some truly exciting stuff planned for the future of the Mutants in the game”, he points out. “I’m excited to see the experience unfold.”



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