Jimmy Fallon Denies Link to BAYC Lawsuit, Aims to End Subpoena


The Jimmy Fallon BAYC lawsuit has made headlines again. Amidst the ongoing legal dispute between Yuga Labs and Ripps, Jimmy Fallon, the famous host of The Tonight Show on NBC, has become embroiled in the legal battle. Fallon’s lawyers have filed a request to quash a subpoena. The subpoena issued by Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen demanded Fallon’s testimony.

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Jimmy Fallon’s BAYC Lawsuit Involvement 

Court documents showed that there is no connection between Jimmy Fallon and BAYC. The host seems to have no ties to either party involved in the Yuga Labs vs. Ripps case. He also has never had any interactions with Ryder Ripps or Jeremy Cahen. The only connection Fallon has with Yuga Labs is that he acquired a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. He also mentioned the NFT purchase in two episodes of his show.

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The Yuga Labs vs. Ripps case centers around allegations of trademark infringement, false advertising, and unfair competition. The suit is related to a “copycat” NFT collection. Yuga Labs has filed a lawsuit against Ripps and Cahen, with Fallon having no role in the proceedings.

Fallon’s legal team asserts that he has no involvement in the Yuga Labs vs. Ripps case. Therefore, he should not be obligated to provide testimony. The decision on whether Fallon’s subpoena will be quashed rests with the United States District Court Southern District of New York.

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Founders

Aside from the Yuga Labs vs. Ripps case, Jimmy Fallon is also a co-defendant with Paris Hilton and several other celebrities in a separate securities litigation that involves Yuga Labs. His involvement in these legal disputes has raised questions regarding the responsibility of public figures when it comes to promoting and investing in NFTs.

In December 2022, John T. Jasnoch of Scott+Scott Attorneys at Law LLP filed a class-action lawsuit against the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT founders. The suit named several celebrities as defendants. The lawsuit alleged that the stars promoted BAYC NFTs in a misleading manner. Consequently, this has resulted in significant financial losses for buyers. Additionally, the complaint accused Yuga Labs of engaging in a “vast scheme” by paying celebrities to endorse the NFTs.

There have been mixed reactions to Fallon’s involvement in promoting the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Some say he affiliated himself publicly with the NFTs without performing adequate due diligence. Some have criticized him for not taking the necessary precautions before endorsing the product on his show. However, others argue that the responsibility for NFT issuers’ actions falls on the companies themselves, and not with celebrities and influencers.

The Importance of Clear Regulations and Standards in the Evolving NFT Space

Despite the unresolved legal disputes between Fallon and Yuga Labs, the significance of these cases lies in the imperative for well-defined regulations and standards within the swiftly developing NFT arena. Moreover, the escalating value and popularity of NFTs underscores the criticality of comprehending the legal and ethical factors inherent in NFT transactions for artists, collectors, and investors.



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