Thursday, March 16, 2023

Zora Resonates As The Web3 Tumblr To Mint NFTs


If you’ve ever been into Tumblr, now you can enjoy its Web3 version thanks to Zora! The digital marketplace launched a brand new NFT feed – and it resembles the all-time classic Tumblr a lot. Now, users can explore collectibles from top platforms such as Manifold, Zora, and Foundation, all in one place. You can mint directly within the feed, which already went live on the official website.

NFT marketplace Zora’s founder Slava Kim launched a new version of its collectibles feed, which might become the next Web3 Tumblr!

Is Zora The New Web3 Tumblr?

The NFT minting platform Zora offers its users a new experience starting this month via its brand new feed. In essence, the marketplace’s new feed can be described as the Web3 version of Tumblr.

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How does it work? To begin with, users can check out the most popular digital assets from Zora, Foundation, Manifold, and more platforms soon to come. The feed uses a customized algorithm that analyzes each NFT’s mint volume and overall popularity; in other words, this new technology decides which collectibles are worth sharing on Zora.

Either way, you can explore GIFs, videos, and images built on Ethereum. In addition, each NFT comes with key information such as its creators, source, and even multiple minting options.

screenshot from the Zara NFT marketplace
Users can see each digital asset’s creator, minting features, and other information directly within the feed.

What Is Zora?

Founded in 2020, Zora is an Ethereum-only NFT marketplace that brings together thousands of collectors, investors, and creators. From music to videos and powerful artwork, this platform offers a wide array of collectibles at one click away.

Ever since its launch, Zora has aimed to offer a complete NFT trading experience using notifications, drop alerts, and other valuable features. Considering the innovation behind its new feed, we can’t help but wonder: is the new Web3 Tumblr going to skyrocket in popularity?



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